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Tuesday, January 12
WEBCAST: Creative Visualization: Design Your Own Reality with Margaret Ann Lembo
Make your dreams and goals come true with using the power of your imagination. Reprogram your subconscious mind to align with your purpose and realign emotions and ingrained beliefs. Learn how to create your own guided imagery and follow along with Margaret Ann's guidance to create visual perceptions to transform your life as you wish to experience it.
Tuesday, February 16
WEBCAST: Aromatherapy for Beginners with Margaret Ann Lembo
Essential oils have hundreds of chemical components that affect you physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Learn how to use essential oils and aromatherapy safety. Learn about some of the most popular essential oils for health and emotional challenges.


Tuesday, March 15
WEBCAST: Archangel Connections: Essential Oils to Open Intuition with Margaret Ann Lembo
Learn how to use essential oils to connect with the angelic realm. Prepare to open your mind to release fears, worthiness issues, and financial challenges using the extract of flowers, seeds, barks, and roots with the vibration of the heavenly realm guiding you on your path.

Tuesday, April 19
Dreams, Symbols and Messages from the Divine with Margaret Ann Lembo
Learn what the various meanings of cars, vehicles, boats, ocean, waves, and location. Learn and experience a simple shamanistic type of dreaming in class and a technique to try on your own. Dream Symbolism and Interpretation.Margaret Ann will share an overview of various tools for interpreting dreams. Experience dream interpretation so please email your dreams prior to the class.

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WEBCAST: Archangels And Gemstones with Margaret Ann Lembo
Golden angel wings with stone on blue heaven background for spirArchangels bring messages of love, healing, abundance, and safety. Learn a how 11 different archangels offer support in areas of life like health, romance, dreams, protection, release of fear, healing, prophecy, and more.  Learn about the gemstones and the matching positive thoughts from Archangels Ariel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Michael, Raphael, Raziel, Sandalphon, Thuriel, Uriel, and Zadkiel.
WEBCAST: Aromatherapy- Creating Formulas for Life Changes with Margaret Ann Lembo
Aroma Oil In Bottles With Lavender, Pine And MintOne thing is for sure, life is ever evolving and change is inevitable. It appears that this is one of the most stressful issues for the majority of people. Learn various formulas to help you find peace and calm amidst chaos and change. Some formulas you will learn about include Radical Change, New Employment, Stress Reduction, Muscular Relief, Caregiver Formula, Midlife Joy and more. No prior of aromatherapy is necessary. Basics on the use of essential oils will be covered.


WEBCAST: Entrepreneurial Skills for the Metaphysician with Margaret Ann Lembo
Hipster home office
Specifically geared to help you with your career and your Divine Purpose. Tools for actualizing your goals will be uncovered with real life actions to help you move toward doing the work that you love so your work is like a gift! Do what you love and the money will follow. Specific tools for authors (or future authors) are provided to create your brand, website, blog, book, platform, back-of-room sidelines, book tour, cultivation of book store relationships, and so much more. Specific direction and planning assistance is provided for new business owners as well as seasoned entrepreneurs ready to improve their business, success and image. Using over 40 years of experience Margaret Ann will help you gain clarity as well as give you specific direction to start the process of creating your life's work. Margaret Ann's background includes construction, real estate, consumer banking, mortgage banker, realtor, property management, retailer, wholesale, vendor, author, speaker, buyer, social media, blogger, educator, and so much more. (Private Appointments are available for $275 for a 1.5 hour session. Click here to make your appointment and pay for the private session online.)
WEBCAST: Tools for Radical Change and Life Passages with Margaret Ann Lembo
Tools for Radical Change and Life Passages - WEBCAST -Change Meme
Life changes. Change is the one true constant throughout our lives. Finding balance through changes can be daunting. Join Margaret Ann as she shares specific avenues to move through life transitions and changes including kicking an addiction, loss of a loved one through a break up or death, moving your home, loss of or changing jobs, financial stress, and sudden illness. Tools for spiritual awakening as well as mental and emotional support will be shared specific to the above mentioned challenges.



Here is a listing of some of the existing courses available to Members Only for only $20 a month. Become a member now.

Power Animal Class

Power Animal Class

Shamanic Traditions: Meet Your Power Animal
Learn the qualities of animals and how they bring us messages and strength in our lives. You will have an opportunity to experience a meditative journey into yourself, known as Shamanic Journeying. During the journey, you will be guided into a deep state of consciousness to have an encounter with a guide, power animal or to find an answer to your questions. Allow the drumbeat to help you learn more about yourself and your connection with All That Is.




Angels are available to guide everyone. Now it is time to increase your awareness of messages being offered to you in so many ways. Bring a deck of Angel Cards to practice giving an Angel Message to other participants. It is easy and fun!!




You will learn about angels, ascended masters, master teachers and spirit guides. Understand more about your personal style of connecting with the Divine. Experience a meditation. Channel the information received during the meditation. What would you like to know? Do you want information about your personal path? Are you working on a project and feel a bit stuck? Would you like to develop your spiritual path? This class will help you with all these things plus more. Be ready to journal and take notes.


Intro to Animal Communication with Joan Ranquet

Intro to Animal Communication with Joan Ranquet


INTRODUCTION TO ANIMAL COMMUNICATION  Presenter: Joan Ranquet, author of Communication with All Life
Learn Telepathy! Joan demystifies Animal Communication by sharing amusing and poignant stories about dogs, cats, horses and wildlife from her work as an animal communicator.  Joan will describe how Animal Communication works – via telepathy (transference of pictures, words and feelings).  Participants will have the opportunity to talk to one of Joan’s animals and experience Animal Communication for themselves.






Intro to Aromatherapy Class

Intro to Aromatherapy Class



Intro to Aromatherapy
Learn the basics about the essential oils and how to use them in day-to-day life. Learn the difference between commercial grade and medical grade oils.




Spirits and ApparitiWoman Ghost Walking Down Old Townons: Do you see or hear dead people?
The veil between the worlds is quite thin. If you perceive spirits or hear them talking to you, you are not alone. It is more common than you might think. Come learn why and how this happens. Learn techniques to send the spirits home who are showing up uninvited and don’t want to leave. Learn a little about what a medium does and how that is different than uninvited “guests.” If chaos is also present in your life and visitations

from apparitions are common, come to this event to learn how to help yourself and the spirits who are in “limbo” trying to find peace and the way home. Clearing tools will be explained.


Concepts: Natural Wooden Background With Stone And White FeatherDream and Symbol Interpretation
Learn the various types of dreams – from the internal psychologist to the prophetic dreamer to visitations from spirit. Learn to use the elements of your dream to propel you forward through self-awareness and self-observation.



Introduction to Numerology
Everything is energy including numbers. Learn about the vibration associated with each number. Learn how to figure out your life path number and the vibration of your birth name. Gain insights on how the numbers in your address, phone number and the number sequences you see affect your life. Bring a notebook or paper and a pen. Recommended reading: Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Dusty Bunker and Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue.



Lavender_webCrystals in shape of circle with clean quartz stone in middle, eROCK ON! 7 STONES AND 7 ESSENTIAL OILS TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!
Are you ready to achieve your goals? Would you like the tools to help you "make it so"? Learn how with gemstones and essential oils! Now is the time to activate your courage and shine your


Astrology 101 imageAstrology 101: Overview and Introduction
Learn about the twelve signs, glyphs, psychodynamics, planetary rulers, qualities, planets, and the houses on a very preliminary level. The main focus will be a basic overview of the astrological chart along with learning the glyphs or symbols used for each of the zodiac signs and the planets.